Pizza LIVE - Guest Speaker Jeff Ward

On Monday April 6th, I’ll be hosting Pizza Live once again.

Jeff Ward will be there to discuss POS systems with us. Along with how online ordering is changing the game.

Start time is 10pm EST. I’ll post a link here this weekend. I just wanted to let everyone know that we would be chatting so everyone could plan accordingly.


You know I will be there for that one.

Too bad I’m locked into Diamond Crap and that really isn’t an option without spending tons of cash to set it up.

I have online ordering information that applies to any POS system and any service provider you use, not just ours. It may still be worthwhile for you to attend. It is not my goal to sell Point of Success or our online ordering solution so you won’t need to endure a sales pitch!

10PM EST –

Why didn’t someone tell me I was planning a chat during the championship game?!?!?!

Some of you’ll better show up! I’m going to be there!!!

Thank you Jeff for putting up with the technical difficulties and participating. I know the operators really enjoyed it and I think they have a better insight of what to expect from their POS system and online ordering.


Invite me back any time! It was a good experience despite the technology wrangling.

Keep the chat going and join us in the PMQ Live chat room Wednesday afternoon at 3:00 Eastern when we chat with Mike Rasmussen of Rasmussen Tax Group. With Tax Day just a week away, Mike will field questions about what can and cannot be claimed with the tax man.

Wednesday, April 8, 3:00 p.m. Eastern

Let’s get together on Scott’s site tonight. A couple guys have said they’ll be on around 9:30pm est so if you’re around JOIN IN !!!

Hope to see you there.