Pizza LIVE! ---- Live Chat -- Streaming Video.

Tomorrow (Monday, January 26th, 2009) night at 10PM EST I’m going to conduct a Live Chat with Streaming Video. This is an intro show that I hope to do every other week. As most of you know I owned a pizza shop for a little over 5 years and I miss some aspects of the business. Mostly in regards to marketing. So I’m going to fix that.

Tomorrow night I’m going to give an introduction to social media and how you can use Blogging, Facebook, and Twitter in marketing your business. Please stop in and join me!!

If you’d like a reminder text message. Send me an email at with your cell phone number and your carrier. I’ll send a text about 30 minutes before the show to remind everyone.



That link is giving me a 404 page not found error

Click on the link, then add an exclamation point to the end.

maybe my cheap computer but I got no audio and the video would change one frame avery 15-20 seconds. the others on there seemed to be working fine

ditto. no audio and the frames are barely moving…

What kind of internet connection do you have?

Highest package dsl


Working okay here. Who knows. Scott is having issues on his end as well. Not sure video adds a whole lot when all you see is Scott. Maybe if he held up some graphics or did a little dance every once in awhile.

That’s odd, all you can see is Scott?

I can see all of you, each in your own little window. I figured you didn’t think anyone could see you, based on what you are (or are not) wearing!


I hope we can download this or watch it on youtube somewhere else.

Not this time, but perhaps next, says Scott.

It was a very informative session tonight. More people need to come on next time.

Thanks everyone for stopping in tonight. Hopefully you learned a little bit, or at least understood where I feel marketing should be moving.

Originally I had said I was going to talk about twitter next week, but I think I’m going to retract that and we are going to discuss ways to build your database. Both email addresses and cell phone numbers. Bring your ideas, bring your questions and stop in. I’ll update this thread next week to remind everyone.


Sure, rub it in :cry:

I’ll def be tuning in next time if my connection works.

Great talk Scott. I am sorry I missed the first part. I will definitely be at the next one.

ps you wanted topics, how about this one.

LOL So true! :lol: