Please does anyone have a link, list, or resource to only one is great or a list of several, of some type of colleges, courses, training, or studies to take to learn the Pizza business and/or making Pizzas.

OR is a correspondence–at home (distance learning) course available ??

In both the USA and Canada.

No help is too small and appreciated here. :idea:

I am looking at your post here and wondering what you are really asking. Are you asking for the hands on how to make pizza from flour to the table or are you asking how to run a pizza business from the store to the bank or both?

Either one you should start with reading the FAQ sticky at the top of the forum as well as the encyclopizza here is the link. … opizza.htm

In addiditon to these you should read all you can at[/url] in their online magazine, [url=][/url] in their online magazine and [url=][/url] as well. There is a wealth of information at [url=] as well as practical courses on pizza production.

You would also benifit by taking a general business course at your local community college or from a reputable online college.

I hope this helps in your search.

If you live near a college that has a culinary arts program. Most should have a certificate program, or at least let u pick and choose classes as long as it doesnt have a class you have to take before it. They will have Food costing classing and how to run places classes. Along with baking and the like. Also with all that extra training you could def bring something diffrent to the table.