Pizza Making Birthday Parties

Anybody doing these and if so what do you include and what is your pricing…We are closed on Sundays, and have done them as favors for our regulars’ kids, but thinking about advertising it since there are not many options in our area and we get alot of interest since we have all the local 1st graders come though here as a field trip every year. Similar places elsewhere charge $200 for 10 kids and $15 each additional child for a 1 1/2 hr party

I think I would feel pretty much ripped off paying 200 bucks just for ten kids to make pizza. If you do it make sure that you are giving a “value” to you customers. I would say have the tables decorated, balloons all over, games arranged for entertainment, and maybe even something like a build your own sundae after it all. That would be 200 bucks well spent in my opinion. If you are charging for a birthday party really do your best to make it a real birthday party. Just my two cents, probably only worth one though!

I was just using other party places as a guide. For example, I was thinking PRIVATE use of our restaurant/dining room, party host, paper goods, balloons, pizza kitchen tour, do-it-yourself pizza instruction, eat-your-own-pizza, music & games, beverages for children, & cleanup. I would also include a Jr. Pizza Chef Apron with our logo on it (costs me $6). In our market, I think most people will gladly pay $200 for a no-headache/no-mess/no-hassle party, plus that is the minimum I would think it would be worth to come in for. I am hoping that the add-ons for adults(food & drinks) would make it more profitable. Also I think BYOC bring-your-own-cake would work best

That does sound like a good Birthday program. I wish you well with it.