Pizza Making in a Rural Community

Hi all,

A little about myself… I’m a 40 year old new dad who opened up a small family-style restaurant in a rural community in Nova Scotia, Canada. Yes, I’m a crazy person.

Our shop opened a little over 2 years ago, and while it’s been doing well (and by doing well, I mean, we’re paying the bills, and not much more), we know we could be doing so much better if we had pizza on offer. The closest pizza to our area is a minimum 30 minute drive, there’s a high school within a 10 minute walk of my shop, and we’re located on a high traffic spot for commuters travelling from the various rural communities in our area, and the local town hub.

My experience in pizza is a bit limited, but not non-existent. My father (who wasn’t a huge part of my life growing up), ran several pizza shops, and is a potential resource for information. My uncle, his brother, is another potential source of information. I spent many hours in both of their shops through the years, though never worked for them as we lived in different parts of the province. I did run a successful fundraising campaign for my local community hall for a couple of years where we would host a monthly ‘pizza day’. We’d move about 90 pies per event, all cooked to order, and made with our family dough recipe.

Anyway, I’m hoping to find some likeminded souls on this forum, and hopefully get to learn from the experiences of others. My oven is ordered, a 48" Garland propane deck oven with new stones, I’ve got a nice prep table on the way, already have my mixer and a couple of useful heads that I found used, and after installation next week, am going to be seeing what I can do :slight_smile:

Looking forward to hearing from folks!


Great story…:):slight_smile: