Pizza math calculations

Hello…I am not in the pizza business…but I teach math, and we are developing some math problems for our GED students. I imagine that at least a few GED students might want to work in a pizzeria. I’m wondering if anyone can suggest numbers pizza staff need to know, or calculations owners/managers wish other staff knew how to do better. thx for any suggestions.

two super fast ones that I used a lot
calculate labor, say you want labor to be 20% formula is sales x .20 = labor budget
setting price based on food cost, decide what you want food cost to be, we will say 30%, formula is cost to make product / .30 = price to hit food cost target. I do a lot of basic algebra with the pizzeria but I cant off hand think of everything I usually calculate currently

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labor calculation : Sales X .20 =labor budget
Food cost calc: Cost to make product / .30 = price for menu to hit target

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Not sure but laboir cost 20% not possible in Australia
Here labour cost is above 35%

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numbers are arbitrary to show formulas only

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I think only the owner would do this, but here is an idea. Another thing you can do is scale the amount of toppings, etc. that you use on a pizza. Let’s say that you have a 12" pizza that you are testing the amount of things to use on it. You decide that 2.5oz of sausage is perfect. So how much goes on a 14"? Well you would find the area of a 12" pizza. Then the area of a 14" pizza. The 14" is X% larger so you would need to use that much more on the bigger pizza to have the perfect amount.
Other simple things are looking at dough projections for the hours and deciding how many pizzas need to be proofed ahead of time so that they are nice and proofed before they get used.
Or, if an order is due at X time and you have 20 pizzas to bake. You can bake 6 at a time and that takes 8 minutes. How long to bake all the pizzas? When should the order go in? What if it is delivery and the delivery is 10 minutes away.
Or dollars per man hour. Measure of productivity. $ of Sales / Labor hours used. Higher number means more productive. However, with the recent inflation I need to adjust my targets. $45 is not as good as it used to be since we are now selling more $$$ with the same amount of labor hours.

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honestly you would be surprised how many people cannot give back basic change without waiting for the POS to tell them. God forbid the total is 18.07 and customer hands them a $20 so the POS tells them they need to give back $1.93 and then customer hands them $.07 after the fact…you would think that these kids are asked to solve world peace…


Bakers percents

For dough making/sauce making

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