Pizza Neon or LED Signs in Canada

Any Canadians out there know of a good place to get neon or LED signs? Getting them custom made is too expensive

I got mine from about 5 years ago. I see their websight is still up.

excellent, thanks Daddio, and I am interesrted in the pans still

I will send you pictures tomorrow.

We got ours off ebay. It was realatively cheap (about AU$60) but like all e-bay postage is abit high. It just says OPEN and goes through about 4 different phases. Nice an bright. Size is about 18" x 12". It comes out of China. Had it about 2 1/2 years and no problems. Would recommend.


Hiya! I to got my signs off of ebay. Great ones too! You can find anything and pretty cheap too!
I have pizza, ice cream, and a few others.
Hows it going anyway for you?

There doesn’t seem to be very much on ebay right now.

Go into Business and industrial > Restuarant and Catering > Furniture, Signs and Decor. The first one up is the one we have and they have it for U$35 with free shipping. There are heaps in this section of various sizes, designs and costs.