Pizza Only Place

I have the option to purchase a location that had already been a small chinese restaurant. It has seating for about 40-50 people. The location is about 2,464 sq. ft. The traffic count is about 30,380 AADT. The population is about 57,870 within a 5 mile radius. The kitchen is not that large so there isn’t really much room to do alot. It’s in a busy section of town,lots of retail stores and about 2 miles fromm our local mall. My question is do you think it’s possible to do a quick service,carry-out,delivery operation based on just pizza,wings,salads and a few bakable appetizers and still be successful?

I should also add that the nearest other pizza place to that location is a little over 5 miles.

what is the size of the current kitchen?

Are you looking at retaining the same proportion of seating to kitchen area?

Hi JJ:
If you are going to buy an existing business do not assume that it will meet all the current building and health codes. Be advised that nothing is grand fathered in for a new operator. You will have to apply for a new building occupancy permit and a new license from the health department and bring everything up to those agencies latest requirements.

George Mills

Several of the operators on here have limited menus and are successful, so I would say “yes.” However, my company only does delcos and they are 1400 sq ft or smaller. Someone else will have to tell you whether 50 seats can cover/justify the cost of that additional 1000 sq ft or not with a quick-service setup.

George,I’ve already had the building inspector in and he says as far as he can see there are no problems with anything I have planned. And most of what the health department requires here is already in place so that shouldn’t be that big of a problem.

Based on what you are sayingg I think you would be allright depending on the rent you are paying. You should think about using the 50 seats in my opinion. Do you have enough room in the existing kithcen to put in a pizza?

Yes,I do. The hood is already in place.