Pizza Oven and hood

I would like to start a pizza restaurant, I had one and sold it but would like to get back int he biz does anyone know if there is any kind of hoodless electric pizza oven, i can get so i dont need to go through the process of installing a hood? thanks for your time

Just a heads-up; Have you checked with the codes people in the town/city where you want to have your business to see what their codes are regarding ovens? Here in Manhattan, KS we have to have ALL ovens under a hood. Even a Turbo Chef Oven has to be under a hood, and like the old saying goes “you can’t fight city hall”.
Also, keep in mind, the hood helps to control the heat in your back room too.
Tom Lehmann/The Dough Doctor

Yes, in the town where i want to put the pizza joint, the manufacturer specs are good, Plus there is another pizza place across town that has a pizza oven with no hood. I am just trying to find out if anyone knows of a good make/ model for baking an 18in pizza

Do you have any idea of how many pizzas you will need to bake per hour during your busiest period?
Tom Lehmann/The Dough Doctor

A co. called Giles makes a ventless exhaust - you see them on ebay from time 2 time, with a Lincoln conveyor Impinger oven stack…worth considering…

Hi Ace:

The codes call for a hood over ovens be they gas or electric. The objective of kitchen ventilation is the removal of cooking vapors and heat. Those two conditions are created be the heat source gas or electricity.

The place that has no hood may have opened before the new codes came into effect. and his A/c bills are probably stiff plus Electric oven are more costly to opperate.

The vent less type hoods do not remove heat and pizza ovens give off a lot of heat. Your A/C costs would be high.

George Mills

you have to check local codes but I have a 20 inch newer middleby marshal that is electric…was going to list on ebay sometime this week almost positive that you need an electric because gas must be vented

Echoing what other people here are saying, my sources are telling me that it is unlikely you would not be required to have a hood on any large oven. Definitely check your local codes and if you find an oven that you think will fit your needs, print out the specs and present it to your inspector. As George said, the op. across town might be grandfathered into old regulations.