pizza oven cleaning

How often do you guys suggest we do a full oven break down and cleaning???

Thank you

Hi Tommy;

Please indicate what make and model oven or ovens you have.

George Mills

Hi thanks

Its a middleby marshall 360 conveyor

Hi Tommy:

The MM PS 360 is a pain to clean but I recommend at least once a month.

George mills

We get our MM PS360 totally stripped down and acid bathed 4 times a year. A guy comes out and disassembles it and puts all the pieces in caustic bath and then high pressure cleans it with fresh water. The inside is cleaned out, the outside cleaned and polished and then re-assembled. Costs $310.
We clean the belts as they are going around on a slow night with a sturdy brush and weekly lift the conveyor ad sweep all the gunk from under each end of te tunnel.
We find this works fine ofr us (do about 700 pizzas per week through the oven) and the oven continues to cook well during the times between cleaning. Then again we don’t have massive amounts of cheese as a topping so the melt off factor is minimalised. Cheese is the main thing that dirties the oven so any that drops or melts off builds up quickly.


Where do you recommend that I go to find someone to clean our oven? I have called all over the place & cannot find anyone that will return my calls about getting our MM360 cleaned. I am not sure I want to take it apart myself & try to put it back together correctly.

The normal service providers for the MM360’s in my area appear to not want to offer a cleaning service.

Hi Rooke:

The MM ovens are a bear to clean.

You do not say where you are.

When was the last time your ovens were cleaned?

When we were rebuilding ovens we had to install an acid bath tank and soaked some parts for many hours in order to get them to like new condition.

George Mills

We do our MM ovens twice a year. The job takes two guys about 3-4 hours per oven. (Cost for two cooks for that time is about $100-$120 per oven) We do the blowers about every 60 days.

Get a MM manual for your oven. The job is tedious and messy, but you should not be hesitant to do it yourself. Just do them one at a time and put it back to together right!

Rookie, if you’re close to Houston you can come when I clean my 360. Bring some long gloves…


We are just outside of Austin. So we are about 2 hours from Houston. I am not really a mechanically inclined, & really think it would be the best use of my time to pay someone else to do it. I am just having a hard time finding someone willing to do it. PJ, PH & Domino’s have got to have companies that come in and do the oven cleaning for them. Anyone know who those companies are?

I’ll check around

By the way, be real careful not to lose any aluminum foil in that top oven.
If any gets loose it’ll get sucked up into the oven and cause big problems.


Hi Tommy:

I see in a later post that you are only baking 700 pizzas per week.

At that rate cleaning the ovens about 3 tines a year should be sufficient.

Most of our High volume clients have switched to the XLT ovens that are a snap to clean and the operators clean them monthly. Some of the triple deck operators clean one oven every week.

Our clients indicate clean ovens produce a better pizza.

George Mills