pizza oven maintenance

Hi all, i work at a theatrepub/pizzaria, we brew our own beer, show second run movies, serve pizza, salads, and burritos, all of which can be eaten/drank while watching a movie.

we have 4 Blodget 1060B stone ovens, and im wondering what all should be done as oven maintenance? we vacume out the front bottom door of the ovens the best we can, ive heard of flipping the stones a few times a year to keep hot spots to a minimum, is there anything else i am missing?? we run our ovens at 525 roughly, and they run from 7 in the morning till 11 at night, from 7am-11am they are used for prep(ie, cooking sheet pans of bacon, cooking off chicken breasts to be sliced for salads, cooking off tofu, toasting nuts for salads and desserts)
we seem to go through alot of thermisters and saftey valves, as well as lots of hot spots.

any input would be appreciated,

You should have a brush/scraper that is made for working at that heat. The scraper is for when something slides off and the brush is to get rid of crumbs, etc.

i have a scraper, we scrape the ovens regularly.


Pgaks 2

we seem to go through a lot of thermisters and safety valves, as well as lots of hot spots.

GM Your problem is not unique. Your thermostats thermo couples, safety valves and pilot lights all operate in an extremely hot environment.

You indicate you have hot spots. Are they always in the same place or do they appear to move about the deck surface?

George Mills