Pizza oven question

First of all, “Thank You” for all of your priceless information. I can’t put a pricetag on everything I have learned from all of you.

I am trying to find information on the Doyon pizza ovens, specifically model #PIZ6. Has anyone used this brand or model and what do you think?

Thanks for your input.

Thanks Daddio for your response. After I submitted my question, I read on and found that topic. You know how we men are, aske first, look last. Anyway, the submissions, albeit one, didn’t really say how well they liked or disliked the ovens. Still looking for answers.

I use several different pieces of Doyon ewuipment here (but not the one you are looking for) and am quite pleased with the quality of the equipment. As far as the pizza oven I have 2 FC2G Doyon conveyors that I am quite happy with.

Hi Jacks pizza
Check the topic Anybody using a Doyon PIZ6 or PIZ3 for pan style pizzas?
We are awaiting results from a member who just purchased one
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