Pizza Oven Suggestions

We have been looking to purchase an oven and time is running out. I have very little say in the decision process but I am providing the information to the decision maker. I am suggesting a Bakers Pride or a Marsal. I would even be happy with a Blodgett. The decision man is pushing a Peerless 4 stack. It is my understanding that this has 60,000 BTU and has all burners under the lowest deck. Not good in my opinion.

Decision/Money man likes two major features of the Peerless first is the price second is the size. He wants to keep the oven foot print to minimum. Around 42" is his goal.

Does anyone have a good suggestion of a deck oven that has a good thick stone, high BTU’s and a small footprint? Please help all opinions and information would be greatly appreciated.

Hi Flyin:

You are correct in balking at the peerless oven Good way to go broke trying to be in the pizza business.

You will have a tough time finding an oven that small.

You could use a Bakers pride 252 double it has 60,000 BTU per deck and is 48" wide X 43 deep.

An Associate of ours has a reconditioned set for $4995.00

George Mills

Geo - what might you or others tell me about the Lincoln Impinger 3200 series…

We’ve stumbled across an opportunity that has these installed…


Hi Patriot’sPizza

The Lincoln 3255 and 3270 are very good ovens they are twins almost to the XLT ovens of the same size.

XLT copied the Lincoln 1450 with their first venture into oven manufacturing then compressed that model to make a triple stacker and then stretched it to 55 and 70 inch. Lincoln then copied the XLT
and produced their 55 and 70 in models that can triple stack.

Tom the dough doctor has done extensive testing and rates the Lincoln ovens as equal to XLT, Middleby and Edge.

George Mills