Pizza Oven - Trying to simulate Papa Johns

Hello, I am new to the forum.

We are buying an existing fast food business and will add pizza to the menu. I have traveled extensively for business and enjoy Papa Johns pizza. I find their crust is crispy and tender at the same time, almost like toast on the bottom. Originally I thought they cooked on a pan to to get that style but now realize it’s on a screen.

Does anyone know the oven type they use, the process or how they get that toast like crunch? Is it just simply extra heat underneath? Or the oven type? Or some other process?

Any insight would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

Hi Aves99:

Papa John uses air impingement style ovens. At present they are buying the Middleby Wow oven. In my opinion that unit is vastly over priced. Very difficult to clean. Needs a lot of owner maintenance. Parts are very expensive.

The XLT ovens, which are air impingement ovens also, are much, much less costly, easy to clean, need almost no owner maintenance, parts are less than half, and they bake as well or better. According to many of the top pizza operators in the nation

George Mills

beside the oven do you think you have a good dough formula ?

Have you check ed these guys out. A lot of recipes. Post in a forum as well. Thes guys are animals.

We recognize everything from dough prep to baking matters, that’s why we are looking for all advice possible., We will be starting R&D on our recipes in the coming weeks and would prefer a good head start.

where are you located?

buy a franchise :smiley:

Hi, I think you PM’d me a few days ago, and I haven’t been able to really “get online” for a few days cause of all of my kid’s basketball games and working.

I think the toast like crunch comes from the airflow and heat that the screen allows to the pizza, personally.

I have worked in establishments that use pans (PH and Mazzios) as well as now, PJ’s.

The pies that use the screen (keep in mind even PH and others that have a thin crust use the screens) are the crunchy crusted pies, so that’s why I believe the screen is a good part to “blame” for the toast like crust you mention even on our hand-tossed.

ETA: Our establishment uses Middleby Marshall conveyors, however, I am unsure of the models of them…I’ll try to pay extra attention to that when I go to work next time.

I suspect it has a lot to do with finger setup. Are you ovens configured for varying sizes? As an example do you run all sizes through the same conveyor?

New Brunswick Canada.

Too darn expensive, especially franchise royalty structures. I have the luxury of time and money to figure this out. You only need a franchise if you have neither.

Aves, our ovens are all set to the same temp, run the same speed, and run 10" to our Big Papa (16") as well as our sticks, sweet treats, wings, chicken strips, square pan, and personal pans (all, of which, run through on a screen…the wings/strips/pan pizzas have parchment under them as they go through).

I’m surprised to see the Chicken Strips still on their menu… Do they really sell? Seems like more of a dine in item opposed to something you’d order for delivery.

Thanks papjgirl.

What do you mean by a ‘parchment’? under the screen?

Actually, in my area, we do sell a lot of them.

There’s 7 to an order, and 2 dipping sauce choices.

I think people like them because they are boneless and unseasoned, so they can either have ranch or bleu cheese or any of our other sauces (I personally love our Buffalo sauce…nice and spicy).

Parchment paper…like wax paper but no wax that I can feel, and it’s placed between the food and the screen.

That’s interesting about the parchment. Have you ever tried to bake a pizza without it? I wonder if it’s done to prevent drips and messes into the equipment or if it has an impact on the quality. Perhaps the ‘toast effect’ is from that?

silicone baking paper…won’t catch on fire till 900+ deg…no-stick…baker’s use it often…we use it for various duties as well…

Just curious if you think just by duplicating their pizza you will duplicate their success…They have done far more to build their brand than just the pizza…They are a marketing machine that most indies can not equal…

No, only the things I mention have the parchment under them.

Our hand tossed crust that you mention with the toasty-ness is without parchment under it.