Pizza oven turns off

Hi I bought a used GP51 to match my current GP51. The issue I’m having is after getting it fired up, about 10 -20 min later, it will shut off. I relight it, and it’ll just do the same thing about 10 minutes later. I replaced thermostat, gas valve, & thermocouple. So all parts are new. Any idea what would cause this to shut off on its own? Air/fuel mixture? I feel it might just be an adjustment of some kind. Any oven experts out there?

Does the oven use any fuses ? If it is always the same amount of period, as a fuse warms up may be tripping (It looks like you have tried all the heat related sources that i can think of).

I am not familiar with that oven but. With ovens that have one I would say it is the high limit switch that shuts the unit down if it gets hotter than desired.

Im not sure if it has a high limut switch…need to look it up…before I replaced the thermostat, it was running 700+ degrees…i was going to keep it that way, but we kept burning pies, if you didnt pay super attention, plus its damn HOT!!!
And now when I set it at a temp, like say 500, it wont reach 500 before it shuts off. It’ll shut off at 200 or whatever.
I have played with the adjustment on the thermostat (the screw for the flame) & nothing seems to help.
So frustrated!

Oven looks to be pretty basic. Nat gas or propane? The shutting off problem exist when it’s on by itself or when both ovens are on?

Here’s the manual I believe

Most often the problem you describe is with the thermo … system. Here are a few things to start with:

Does it have a thermopile or thermo couple?
-If a thermocouple, make sure the retaining clip is installed(in addition to the retaining nut). As the oven heats up, the thermocouple wire expands and bends and if the clip isn’t installed, the probe can pull back out of the retaining nut and away from the flame. This is often the case in the situation you describe.
-Also, when you adjust the pilot flame, does it turn up and down as the pilot adjustment screw is turned. If it doesn’t turn up as high as your other oven’s pilot flame, the pilot orifice could be clogged. Take orifice off, hold up to light to see hole size, blow out with air from both sides. Often you can see the hole size open up after the air blow in the case of clogging. Reinstall and hope for larger pilot flame.
-Check the pilot flame supply line for leaks. The pilot flame supply line can become loose or corroded and if leaking can cause the pilot flame to be low. Most likely side to leak is pilot flame side and as the oven heats up, metal expands and the leak can become larger thus diminishing the size of the pilot flame.