pizza ovens

we have recently opened a restaurant with a Blodgett conveyor pizza oven and we cant seem to find the right temp or time setting on it does anyone happen to know anything about them. when we run our subs through the buns feel done but it does not look like the cheese melted right and the buns and cheese did not turn crispy looking at all

I think it best that you replace it with an edge oven.The technology has improved dramatically over the Blodgett conveyor Which never was a top grade oven.

George Mills

There are more things to look at besides time and temperature.

What is the finger configuration? You need to know how the airflow in you oven is cooking your product. It sound like you need more air coming from the top.

Yes, I agreed to George replace it with an edge oven…

I’m not sure what Blodgett ovens you are using but years ago I had a MT3270 and there were quite a few blower motors(4 or 5). If one went out, there was no obvious sign of it other than the change of the cook. I would suggest you check that all of them are running before looking at other potential issues.