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I’m looking into getting a conveyor oven & I’m trying to get some opinions on which is a better choice Lincoln ovens or Middleby Marshall. Any help would be appreciated.

I’ll take the cook of a lincoln 1000 or 1450 over any of the middlebys. The problem is the 1000 doesn’t offer much capacity compared to the Middleby 360 or 570. In order to get any capacity of a Lincoln you need to move to the X-2. While they cook decent, their definatly not as good as the 1000. I use an XLT 3270 underneath a Lincoln X-2 3270. The XLT cooks wonderfully but doesn’t get used as often as the X-2 becaude it has just half the capacity. I’ve considered going to a triple stack of the XLT but am not quite ready to do that yet.

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Paul 7979 uses the XLT ovens finds them superior to the Middleby and Lincoln.
Other companies that have tested the XLT and found it superior to the competition are Hungry Howie’s, Domino’s, Costco Wholesale, Little Caesar’s, Ci Ci’s and Schlotzsky’s to name a few.

George Mills

I’ve worked with middleby marshalls on a limited basis, they cook okay enough. Lincolns definately cook better but like a previous poster said they don’t offer much capacity. When I ran a Pizza Hut, we had a Lincoln 1000, and on a busy friday night the oven couldn’t keep up with me and the cooks on the make line and we did an average of two thousand on friday night. I currently work in a store that uses a blodgett conveyor oven, it has a large capacity and cooks just as good as a lincoln. It gets us through four thousand dollar nights with only minimal backup. But if you’re looking for a quality oven with an awesome cook, I would suggest looking into a Qmatic. They are conveyor ovens, but they uses a mix of gas and electric to cook the pizzas. You will probably have to buy annodized pans, but I have never worked with a conveyor oven as good as Qmatic, it’s as close to a stone bake as you will get with out a brickfire oven. Qmatic will bring an oven out to you and demo it.

I’m the odd-ball…CTX conveyors are my choice…used MM b4 & this is my 2nd 'go round w/the CTX…we have a double stack - 4 conveyors - 120+ pies/hr…totally programmable…and once the heat up (20 minutes) the power consumption settles in…uses infrared & dark disks…once you dial in the time/temp 4 your dough, I truly believe it out performs any deck/brick oven

I got two M&M ovens I will sell you cheap!!!

No PESI owners? We are leaning towards XLT based on experiences here.

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I am headed to NC to see PESI…I’ve heard nice things and they are built like a tank…

Great! Please PM or post a review. We are very interested in them. I think there is a lot more padding (sales commissions, expense accounts, etc) in the MM and Lincoln products. I want quality and both PESI and XLT look like they may have very good products at a good price.

I think there is a lot more padding (sales commissions, expense accounts, etc) in the MM and Lincoln products.


I think you are correct, with as many years of making ovens and their relitivly high production it appears it should cost them no more to produce their ovens than an XLT.

George Mills

PM me. Let’s have a quick talk about what they are and whether they are what I need? I’m close and can rent a truck :slight_smile:

I like MM’s, but the Lincolns take up less space. Both cook well though. Maybe someday I will get some. In the meantime, I’ll stick with BP 600’s.


Hello Patriot, I have a CTX dz3311 and I bought it used. I was wondering if you know anything about them. I am getting an error mess on the bottom oven as soon as I turn it on. The mess. is interior heat overload shut down in zone 1. Do you know which is zone 1? Can you help me?? thank you nunzios64

you’ll need to call a repair service tech…chances are one of the “zone” heaters/plates has shorted/arched out & causes that message…will cost $250 or so…easy repair…plates slide out…make sure you find a tech w/experience on this type of oven…its not rocket science, but will save $$$…

Thank You, I had one tech out that said he works on them all of the time, he didnt have a clue at $85.00. I have talked to a guy that works for GCS (they work on the equip) and he said they could fix it but for me to get a wiring schematic before they came out.

you shouldn’t need wiring schematic…error codes will tell somem info & equipment will read power flow from controllers…looks like you still need another tech