Pizza Pads/Inserts/Ripple Board

I work for a manufacturing company that produces pizza pads/inserts/ripple board, I’ve been tasked with the job of growing that part of our business. I’m obviously not in the pizza business, I wanted to really understand the pizza process my product affects. We have results from current customers who really like our product but that sample size is limited.

Any info on your experience with pizza pads/inserts/ripple boards will be appreciated.

I don’t know exactly what information you are looking for but these items are commonly used in DELCO as they hold the pizza up off of the bottom of the box allowing the pizza to both breathe (allowing steam/moisture to escape from the bottom of the pizza so the bottom crust doesn’t get as soggy) by supporting the pizza up off of the bottom of the box the pizza is held away from and oil that might be released from the pizza making for a less oily pizza by the time it reached the consumer. When I was employed by AIB we did work along these lines using glass cake plates with a diamond point design pressed into the glass to hold the cake and prevent it from sliding on the plate. The diamond points supported the pizza up off of the glass allowing moisture to escape and seperating the pizza from any oil released from the pizza. We did this work back in the very early 1980’s.
Tom Lehmann/The Dough Doctor

Tom, thanks for the response. What exactly does “DELCO” mean? I tried Google but I could only come up with pizza restaurants. Is that what you were referring to or is it a specific term for the pizza industry?



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