Pizza Pans Sicilian style

Starting up a commercial verision of my home pizza. I am making sicilian style in 13x18 pans I acquired from a pizza shop in Pittsburgh. They are aluminum and do not appear to be on steel since they are not magnetic. The cooking surface is naturally black and well seasoned. What type of aluminum pan might this be and can I get ones that can be seasoned like these. I am getting a nice crisp crust on the bottom with these and need to acquire more to to do the same. I prebake the shells as well in the same pans. Thanks.

I know the fine folks over at “” either have them in their inventory, or will make them to your specs if you desire. They are fantastic folks to deal with, yes a bit on the higher side of the scale, but their products will not do anything but work for you for years to come.

I had the opportunity to get to know one of the owners over a week at Doc’s “Pizza Camp” as I refer to it. Great company fronted by even greater people.

Check out this ebay auction 380395239254 they have a set of 9 seasoned 13x18x1 pans for 99.00 ends in 2 days.

don’t forget that $40 shipping charge!!