Pizza Peels & Cutting Methods?

Just wondering how everyone pulled pizzas and cut. We have conveyor ovens, and have always used a wood peel, then cut on the peel with a rocker, then slid into the box. Here lately, we’ve been breaking peels left and right. I would like to switch to an aluminum peel so that it won’t break, but not sure how to cut. Thinking about peeling, then sliding to cutting board, then lifting cutting board and sliding into box, but that seems like a lot of steps.

What do ya’ll do? Ideas would be appreciated.

Aluminium peel . . . into box . . . cut in the box. No fuss & no muss. Pies with lots of toppings get cut with rocker, all others get the wheel. Rocker cut is on peel before the box; wheel cutting is in the box.

We also use the aluminum peel and take it straight to the box. Like Nick says, “No fuss & no muss”. We use wheel cutting for most of the pizzas, a rocker on the ones with tons of toppings.

We take the pie out of the oven with a metal peel and slide it onto a wooden peel on the table. Cut with a rocker and then slide it into a box. Pretty straight forward and simple. “no fuss & muss” either.

Aluminum peel into the box. Cut in the box with a wheel. Same for deep dish. … tlist.html

scroll down to the pizza boards section

they work great for us except unlike most places I use a 20" knife ans slide into box

We also have a conveyor oven. We use a wooden peel,when we pull the pizza out of the oven we place it on a pizza circle,cut it with a rocker than place it in the box.

My personal preference is to use a metal peel (AKA oven peel) to pull the pizzas from the conveyor, then transfer them to a special, round cutting peel (AKA pressed peels) American Metalcraft <> or Tel: 708-345-1177 or also check with Mr. Peel, Inc. at <> or Tel: 888-994-4664. These peels hold up much better than the regular wood peels to the cutting action of pizza wheels and rocker knives, and they clean up with the quick wipe of a towel.
Tom Lehmann/The Dough Doctor

We use the wood peels to make our pizzas on and to slide onto stone then the aluminum ones to take from oven cut on them then slide into box, much easier to completly cut the edge of the crust than doing it in the box and the aluminum peel won’t get gouged out as bad as wood ones. you have to be fast when doing this if you leave on the peel to long you’ll be pushing it off with another peel.

yeah. And keep a towel handy for those 6 vegetable pizzas with sliced tomatoes. They are . . . well . . juicy sometimes.

well like I said you got to be fast, this method is not reccomended for the slow handed

Dave, you gotta figure something else out. PERRY’S said this isn’t for the slow-witted. Maybe you can buy precut pizza dough :slight_smile:

hahaha slow hand nick not slow mind

We have deck ovens and cook our pizzas in the pans so when they are done we take them out of the pan and place them on a pizza cuting board(round with a handle) and use a rocker knife and then slide into the box