Pizza peels for cutting

So we cut our pizzas on a wooden pizza peel. Naturally over time, the peel wears down and has to be replaced.
Wondering what other pizza shops use and how you might make a wood peel last longer. I have heard of shops using sand paper to sand them down at the end of each shift. I know some use metal as well. I recently had our rocker cutter sharpened & that is going a long way in helping the peel not wear out as fast.

What’s the scoop?

Why do you cut on the peel?

Wood is nice for tradition… but metal is a whole lot easier to handle and keep clean. All metal in our shop.

We cut on the peel because it makes for an easy and fast transition into the box. A Metal peel would work the same way of course. Do you not cut on a peel bodegahwy?

We cut ours inthe box, off the peel

Cut in the box!!

We cut in the box.

I also think cutting in the box is the way to go, but if you must cut outside of the box, we have had good success using a pressed peel. These are made as a composite and are somewhat more durable as a cutting surface than regular wood peels, which should only be used as a prep-peel.
Tom Lehmann/The Dough Doctor

Doesn’t the box get in the way if it’s already folded? Will have to try that. Can’t believe it didn’t occur to me to do that. Thanks!

I made myself a pizza peel shaped cutting board out of a hard plastic cutting board - it’s lasted 20 years so far…as for cutting in the box (or on the pan): it depends on your pizza.

We don’t cut in the box because over 60% of our business is dine-in. We use these: … P1823.html

After 9 years of cutting a few hundred thousand pizzas, they still pretty much look like the day we bought them. I think they’re the only smallware I haven’t had to replace since the day we opened.

No problem cutting in the box even when folded.