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My question today is who can recommend a longer lasting durable pizza peel. the ones I have been buying, they end up splitting at the rivet site, had a local welder fix them last year but welds did not hold up very long. I was thinking about getting a wood, any opinions or suggestions ???

Mr. Peel makes a very durable peel.

Northern Pizza Equipment sells a rivetless metal peel with wooden handle that holds up very well.

We use wooden peels made by a company called Lillsun. I don’t like the metal ones because they never seem to last. If you’re going to get a wood peel then try Lillsun. They’re a lot thinner than the other brands, so they handle much like a metal one.

We also use Northern pizza Equipment peel The one with bends so pizzas don’t fall off

I purchased 1 from Mr. Peel, his new design. NOT a huge fan returning product… yes Im looking for one that doesnt break at the rivets and sounds like the wooden one may work. Will try a few out

Remember, as a rule, wood peels are used to peel pizzas into the oven aka prep-peels and metal peels are used to peel the pizzas out of the oven. It has been my personal experience over the years that the composite peels, while better than metal peels when used as a prep-peel are not quite as good as the all wood peels when it comes to dough release. On the other hand, they do hold up better and are easier to clean. They are my “go to” peel with the fast casual concept as the pizzas do do not remain on the peel very long and they present a nice appearance to the customer.
Tom Lehmann/The Dough Doctor

I went on the website and do not see any with bends, are you able to post a picture ???

You arent going to see a picture of it on the website, when you select the peel its an option in the drop down menu.
They curl the back edges of the flat part up so pizzas wont slide back on to the handle then on the floor.
Ive never used one like that but they seem neat.