Pizza Phone Down Again

Anyone having the same issues we are today? Friday about 11:30am and my phones were down til around 4:30pm

Now 6pm and 2 out of 4 of my phones only working.


Talked to Josh and said I need new phone :frowning: now I think it may be his network…ON A FRIDAY NIGHT seriously…

Still only 2 working out of 4. Def his network. All his customers were down today

Thankfully I’ve heard enough about these issues that I didn’t even consider it. Sorry about that guys.

I’m not sure exactly what “pizza phone” is but I can’t imagine how anyone in the pizza delivery business could have multiple problems with a phone system and not make a change. If someone offered me free phone service and free hardware and it cost me a few hours of service on a Friday night, I would have a new system installed on Saturday. Like I said, I don’t really know what it is but the title of this thread makes it sound like problems are routine.

As an avid proponent of VOIP systems, I’ve saved hundreds of dollars over the years over traditional land lines…

Yes, I’ve been caught, only once, with downed service…

Both the provider & I learned a valuable lesson…

But I would never go back…

Make sure you pick a large, established firm that had some robust redundancy inits system…make sure you utilize your cell phone as a back up…even land lines go down…lol

Yeah… a few hours down on a Friday night and those hundreds of dollars I’ve saved over the years would come right back out of my pocket again. Not to mention the intense migraine I would get.

“even land lines go down”: Not once in 15 years.

My total phone expense (includes my internet service) is about $3000 per year so assuming you pay something for VOIP, one lost Friday night wipes out any savings unless is was a week like last week for us in which case any night lost would wipe out 2-3 years savings… Not to mention customers who would not understand and go elsewhere.


True…most land lines remain intact 99% of the time…except we’re in Fla & we do loose them to hurricanes from time to time…lol…

My phone bill is approx $100/mo, so over the last 7 years or so, I’ve saved over $20K or so…

The one time my VOIP was out, everything went thru to my cell…with some challenges…lol…

We used to run a 4-line system…now we just run a 3 line VOIP set-up, as our online ordering makes up for 30+% of our biz…

I’ve never looked back…

Pizza tower, rock star,

What sort of contingency plan does pizza phone have in place?

It sounds to me like there is no plan, which really makes no sense. Worst case should be, as patriot mentions, calls not able to complete being forwarded to a cell phone. But that should be worst case IMO, as there are other things that could be in place to make sure you get your calls.

I’m curious because our franchise began pitching pizza phone. When you started with them, did they port your number to their own VoIP provider? As I understand it, pizza phone is basically running their own call catcher front end and your phones are connected to that system over the internet. Is that correct? You don’t have any special box in your store do you?

I have rolled my own VoIP service for our stores and just recently went VoIP 100%. Our cost has gone from about $300 per store to about $50. We have not had a single issue up to this point, but I have multiple layers of fallback if needed and will never be without service unless there are multiple failure points.

sadly I have not been able to get in touch with them today. There are back up plans in place.
Yes my numbers were ported. What I do not understand is how could half of my phone system be working and the other half not? I was told it was my actual equipment yet that does not seem accurate since other companies are having the same issue. I pray to have answers tomorrow.

we do not have any box within our restaurant

Wow, that’s bad.

Their website says they have 24/7/365 phone support, I guess not.

Not being able to talk to someone about what is probably the second most important piece of your business is inexcusable.

“I have not been able to get in touch with them today”

Case Closed. I would not care if they saved me money (and from what I can see on the numbers posted it would come to only about $1500-$2000 per year) I would never go with an option that not only goes down from time to time but then is unavailable to address the issue.