Pizza Pizzazz is fixed

It seems very suspicious that an RDP customer seems to win this competition every year.

RDP is the biggest sponsor of the competition so why not have an RDP customer win.

Look at the winners in the last 6 years.

Romeo’s pizza has won 2 or 3 times.
Samosky’s pizza 2 or 3 times.
and now Avalanche pizza 2 or 3 times.

All us RDP as their primary vendor.

I know a guy who use to work for RDP that was told who the winner would be before it even started.

If you are thinking about competing next year save your time and money because you won’t win- unless you are an RDP customer of course.

Really? Do they bribe the Judges or how do you think it is done?

Money talks and bullshit walks.

Cash is king in this world.

that may be, as much as I would not like to think people would waste such time on an opinion, very lttle objective consciousness there,


I bet they bribe them with great tasting pizza :slight_smile:

But on another note. I’v competed… Its not fixed. It just so happens these guys compete every year and have more then 1 person from their store in the competition, making their odds better. And they’ve got great pizza. I’v tried most of them.

However… I’ll tell you that some of the people that compete don’t use the same ingredients that they would normally use in their store. i.e. Instead of using pre-cooked sausage in the store, they use fresh for the competition… Instead of using Leprino QLC in the Store, they switch to Grande… You get the idea.

There have been many more winners of this competition that do not use RDP than those who do.

And you may want to check your facts, this is the 1st year that RDP has sponsored the competition. GFS has been the primary spsonsor of this competition for many years.

A great competition put on by great people!