Pizza place charging for several months worth

just saw this on the news tonight. I know a couple of members on here are from this area. Sounds like this particular establishment’s processing company hasn’t been charging the customers card when they made purchases for months. I wonder who their processing company is?–debit-card-purchases-513345831.html

They must be crazy profitable if they ran for “several months” without collecting credit card sales.

I had this issue with clover a few months ago. It went on for a week and I only had one customer that noticed.

That one customer is the only honest one you have.

I’m just wondering who’s going to eat all the chargeback charges on the ones people forgot they ordered 10 pizzas 4 months ago, how they’re going to handle all the expired and cancelled cards, fraud alerts, etc. what about the customers that use their debit cards and suddenly have several months worth of charges hit their bank accounts?

The real issue will be when customers using debit cards start complaining that the debit(s) caused them to bounce their house payment, car payment, etc - and they racked up $120 in NSF fees.

The real answer is - that money should have still been in their account. But in reality - who balances a checkbook anymore?

It is an interesting question for a lawyer - when I use a debit card - does the merchant have a time limit to actually debit my account or can they do it anytime in the future?

We had this happen a few months ago. It was one day and it was processed only after I called. (Figured it out during reconciliation)
We had 122 transactions that day.
Ended up 4 chargebacks total 200 plus dollars and had at least 30 calls.
And if that wasn’t enough…zero reimbursement for tips. We were told there was no way to fix it.
Total bs.