Pizza place in Brazil


I am new to this forum, but not new to the pizza business.

I am moving to Brazil soon with my wife (who is Brazilian) and I am planning to open a pizzeria within 18 months of arriving (hopefully).

Can anyone give some advice about opening up abroad? Some Pro’s/Con’s, any stories?

Language won’t be an issue, as I speak the language and it shouldn’t be difficult to get all of the necessary permits being married to a Brazilian.


my dream, I would love to open something like that in brazil, or the carribean…
One little obsticale is I dont know how well pizza falls into the culture

From what I have seen, the Brazilians adore pizza.

They have their own style, and they put everything you can imagine on their pizza.

The one unique thing about pizza is that it crosses al cultural barriers. When I introduced pizza into Saudi Arabia, way back when, cardamum was the spice to use because everybody could relate to it, but now I understand that the more traditional herbs are commonluy used. As for toppings, vegetables were popular as well as chicken and lamb/goat. I even introduced a fish pizza with hamur (a type of mackrel) which wasn’t too different from a tuna pizza. Dried squid was a popular topping in Korea, and in the Bahamas, we used conch, a favorite of all Bahamians. Point is, just take a look at what the locals eat, and try it on the pizza. Chances are that they’ll like it.
Tom Lehmann/The Dough Doctor