Pizza prep table brands

I’m having a new building put up to move my pizza shop to and I’m putting together an equipment list. I’m looking for a pizza prep table between 9’ and 10’ long. The brands I’ve found so far are True, Beverage Air, Randell and Delfield, They’re all quite similar in price. Is there one brand that you would consider to be far superior to the others? Any other brands that manufacture a table between 110" and 120" that you would recommend?

i have had good luck with the bev air tables. I have a 10’ for pizza prep and 2 of their 6’ sandwich tables as well and they have all been great for us. The 10’ table sits real low so we built a platform for it.

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George Mills

Thanks George, it took me a little while to find on their website that they do offer one 112" long. I’ll get in touch with you regarding a quote as the time gets closer.

True 119" Found new on eBay it was a dent and scratch, destined for a Papa Johns with speed rails, got it at almost half price, works great, love the speed rails. one of the lids i took to a stainless shop and they indented it for free and the big dent on the end is hidden by salad /wing refer,true has worked for me for 30 years

I just ordered a True 119" about 3 weeks ago. Can’t wait to get it.