Pizza Prep Table Problems

We have a 3-door pizza prep table which has recently started leaking water on the inside, not oustide. So whenever we store pizzas or cheese inside the bag/trays are soaked with water. I can’t seem to find the problem. Anyone experienced a similar problem?

could be any of several things; offhand—leakage from a pan above, or around a pan; condensation from pans; condensation from doors not closing or being closed all the way, thus humidity getting in; evaporator/drain pan clogged or not working right…

put some plastic sheeting OVER everything. If it’s still wet under the plastic, it’s the refrig unit malfunctioning.

call a refrig tech!

What brand table is it. A drain line cleanout in my Coldtech was almost impossible to find.


When was the last time you did some maintenance on the unit? If it has a self-contained compressor, monthly vacuming out of the dust that accumulates in the fan can keep your refrigeration units running better and with less service calls.

How old is the unit and is it still maintaining proper temperature? (35 degrees–or less)

The problems you are having can happen any time of the year, but in the heat of the summer, when compressors must work over-time, if they haven’t been maintained, they will start to break down.

Moisture accumulation inside the box is a sign that the compressor isn’t doing its job.

The drain line in our 3 door Delfield sometimes gets plugged, causing a similar problem.
Tom R