Pizza prep table rails

So even though i have had this issue for many many yrs and never truly found a resolution this problem, the divider rails for my table, how is everyone keeps the crap out of the holes is the holding rails for these. I bought a brand new table about 2 yrs ago & for the first time, broke down the table and took off the front and back rails and it was nasty to see how much crap falls down those little gaps and sits there. How do you resolve this or do you just deal with it and dismantle it every couple months to deep clean

We actually break our table down every night so it all gets super clean.

Do you actually take out the screws of the front and back rails and remove rails to clean?? We do remove all items out every night as well, but the rails that hold the divider rails has slots that cheese and other gunk fall down in back behind the rails
I tried putting tape over the holes but that dont last

I would need to see a picture of the holes.

Our makeline uses wing screws to hold the rails together so its super quick to take them out.

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Mine dont have holes. The separators are flat on the end. Maybe get some flat ones and it cover the holes

What he said

Just go buy some at RD. The lexans will hold every thing in place.

I have a tone of those, problem with them is when ever we are rocking business at any given time & containers need changed out or what ever, those divider rails move or turn sideways and the pans all fall down. The hooked rails at least stay in place