Pizza Prep Table

I am looking to purchase a Dominos style Pizza Prep table. The Dominos style have deep catch trays with rails on top.
A bun pan with a rail over it isn’t deep enough because I want to recess my scale into it.
Anyone know of a company that sell this setup, new or reconditioned?

You can’t buy these new, they are manufactured exclusively for Dominos. Norhtern Pizza Equipment sells these as remanufactured. My last two tables I had catch pans and grates manufactured in place of the cutting boards.

Northern is out of stock of the dominos units. Northern makes a catch tray system but it’s only 3/4" deep and my scale is 3"-4" high.
Paul did you have your system custom made and what is the depth/price.

Hi Npizza:

We have a table available as you describe, the wire rack over the center catch pan can be sized to hold a scale. Built in catch pans slide out for cleaning. 3 and 4 door models available.
George Mills

BINGO!! That, to me is a perfect ‘marketing’ post! Need is expressed, and George has a piece that will fit the bill. He’s been prolific and helpful for months and months and months, and has many of us wishing we needed to buy something he has to sell. If I needed a prep table, I’d be emailing right now.

Thank you George for making my day.