pizza prep tables

Hi everyone, I’m in the process of acquiring a pizza prep table and I wanted to ask the experts their preferred brand. I’m looking for used and right now there is a used 93" true for around 3k in excellent condition same size brand for 1100 a little beat up, or 2 traulsen 48". Any thoughts? Thank you.

I purchased used before and they never lasted me more then a year. I would be sure to budget the cost of a replacement compressor in the next year if you choose to go this route. It may work out in the long run, but I would expect a few bumps.

thanks, any preference on brand? Is one or the other known as the cadillac of coolers?

I’ve have had good luck with True brand and have 7 units-6 purchases used. The used ones were less then 6 years old. The only issue has been with a few of the prep tables. The area where the prep bins fit into the unit had the seals pull away from the stainless steel top. This creates an area where food will accumulate.

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[I]The problem with used refrigeration is that the compressors are hermeticly sealed and there is no way to check them out.

We had so many failures that we quit selling any used refrigeration several; years ago.

George Mills[/I]

George knows his stuff. I would take any advice that he has in regard to this.

I think that the short answer is that used = crapshoot

For less than $3000 you can buy a brand new 93" table. The prices have gotten so absurd they are practically disposable. Hardly worth fixing. If I was to spend a little more than the cheap chinese tables, I would probably buy Randell.

I bought a used true prep table and its been going strong for years. a used under counter True freezer lasted years before the compressor gave out.I bought a NEW true worktop freezer and they had to exchange it because it kept freezing everything up.we figured out they werent allowing a long enough defrost time or enough times a could have one last years before it goes out or it could last a week.if your established I would buy a new True unit.

I’m on my 3rd used prep table in 5 years and deeply regret it. Everytime I have someone come out for a repair, I think to myself - “this is the last penny I’m going to put into this hunk of junk”. I highly recommend taking George’s advice and paying extra for a new table.

On this topic, does anyone have experience with the lesser-expensive Chinese models? Are they pretty reliable and how many trouble-free years can I really expect if we clean them regularly? Any suggestions as to a particular brand or model?

I purchased a Cold Tech pizza table about a dozen years ago that made it’s way from my store to another store in our franchise. It was just retired a few months ago, still keeping cold, but hinges falling off ect.

Paul7979 I would say that you got your money out of that table and then some!

I picked up a Avantco 72" unit for $2300 new. I admit it probably won’t last as long as some of the higher end stuff but it should last much longer then anything you can find used…

I have learned my lesson, NEVER buy used. I have wasted more money on used equipment. It’s hit and miss.