pizza press ?

looking at doughpro and doughxpress. anyone using either ? pro and cons if possible? thanks


Hi Big Joe:

We have no chain accounts using presses, and rarely does an independent order one from us.

The presses have a heated platen that, according to our clients, causes an un acceptable changes in the product.

Most all our clients who do not hand toss use dough rollers.

Just our client’s opinions, others may differ

George Mills

I use a press, I like it, but…the reason I like it may be a non factor to most pizzerias. What the press allows me to do is keep my dough cold. Because I am not a high volume store (yet :slight_smile: I do not have dough waste because I do not have to have my dough on the counter, getting warm and over proofing, therefore having to throw it out. If you have alot of volume and require speed I think a sheeter would be a better option.

I too use a press. Doughpro 1100. I can say that it works well for us. As Canuck stated, it allows us to keep our dough cold until we’re ready to use it. The main reasons I went with the press is 1) Small footprint 2) Anyone can use it, even my 8 year old son. 3) Safer (at least in comparison to the older sheeters)

The end product is very similar to a hand-tossed dough.

We have both, both in the manual persuasion and the automatic. They both work just fine, and do what they are advertised to do. In the automatic version, the Hix Dough Express is a little quieter, but otherwise they are very comparable.
Tom Lehmann/The Dough Doctor