Pizza Restaurant "speedbumps"

Our alfredo isn’t really a pre-assembled sauce, We do it by covering the crust with a fairly heavy amount of grated romano, then we have a squeeze bottle full of fresh, heavy cream that we squirt on the romano cheese in a tight spiral pattern from the center to all the way out to the edge.
It bakes into a luscious Alfredo sauce in the oven. There is no stirring, mixing, spreading with a ladle, nothing, just combine the 2 main ingredients in raw form on the stretched out dough, top with mozz, and a few minutes later you get a nice thick sloppy alfredo sauce under that cheese. Someone order a pie with lobster and alfredo last saturday, they went mental over it when it hit their table. I’ve been mostly doing a smoked chicken, Alfredo, Bacon with it.
My best guess for volume would be about 1/3rd of a cup of cream, probably similar on Romano.

Experiment, see what you get, if it is too sloppy, add more Romano/Parmesan, if it’s too dry, add more cream until you hit that sweet spot you want.
I do it this way because now I am not forced to date and toss after 7 days if it doesn’t move, We use Cream in our Bread Pudding, Our Praline sauce, and many other items here, so it is always on hand.

Very interesting procedure.
We made a shrimp alfredo pizza with peas… awesome.
Just for the crew- we were messing around.

The “Trio” brand alfredo was the same. I have a high gag reflex and dont usually EVER spit food out, but that stuff makes me gag and I could not get it down. I was so happy when we made the move to this pre made stuff. I ordered the alfredo made by arrezzio, but havent had a chance to try it yet. But @ $0.15/oz, I think we will stick with it. I dont think anything could be as bad as that trio stuff.

I love it. That is something we may move to in the future with higher sales (i.e. more money to play around with stuff), but for now we are sticking with the prepared stuff. The owner wants everything to be simple for the employees. One day, though, we may be doing some top shelf techniques for some top shelf pizzas.

Just a follow-up.
The L-O-L was good but REALLY thick. I mean REALLY thick- it’s gotta work with a squirt bottle. And, it may with a tri-tip w/ the tips cut.
The Stouffers was good, too, though the LOL was a bit richer, I think, but we were split over a favorite.
But the consistency of the Stouffers was great from a cooking standpoint… in my ops. On others, where things can cook, maybe lower, longer… maybe a saute with a bit of milk, etc before the toss with the pasta, the LOL may work. Me? I’ve got 7 minutes on a conveyor to melt, distribute etc so…