Pizza Rollers & Burnt Edges

Hi there,
I have just inherited a pizza shop from a friend. No experience what so ever, opened now for a week and going ok,
I have two questions to ask.

  1. Which is better? Parallel or Offset pizza rollers.
    These are the offset,
    the parallel are just the same but the rollers are parallel. (i guess you would all know this though)

  2. How do i prevent burnt edges? I have an electric oven at 400 degree celsius and the edges go black before the middle bit looks cooked enough. Is there any tricks to prevent this?

We are using spelt flour (not wheat) as it is a gourmet organic pizza shop. Not sure if this makes a difference though.
Ok thanks heaps in advance.

I don’t use a roller so I am of no help to you on that one but your temperature seems real high to me. I recall Tom (the dought Dr) stating that time cooks and temperature browns. I run my ovens at 282 C which is 540 F the time I use is 7 minutes and 10 seconds. One of the other pizza shops in town with the same ovens runs at 257 C or 495 F and 9 minutes and 20 seconds. We both have close to the same type of product and get clsoe to the same results.

You don’t mention what type of oven you have, but I’ll guess it is a deck oven of some type. 400C/752F is quite hot, especially if you are baking right on the deck. Your baking time should be around 2.5 to 3-minutes, and at that, some burning/charring would be considered normal under these conditions. Do you use any sugar, milk, or eggs in your dough formula? If so, I would suggest deleting it as this only leads to burning, especially on the edges. You might also try baking on one of the Lloyd Pans, Hearth Bake Disks, these are designed for baking at high temperatures in air impingement ovens where burning of the edges can be a real problem. These pans are designed to protect the edges and reduce burning. To learn more about these pans/disks go to <> and clich on the section for Hearth Bake Disks.
Is there a reason why you are baking at such a high temperature? Most pizzas are baked at 450 to 500F in deck ovens quite successfully.
Tom Lehmann/The Dough Doctor

thanks guys for the replies!
Yeah I turned the oven down and now get a crisper base without burnt edges and it’s cooked better all the way through! Really appreciate the help.
So about those rollers. I think I will order the offset one today. From what Ivan figure it is better.
So thanks again. :slight_smile:

As Tom Lehmann taught me, Time for cooking, Temp for browning. First thing is to find out how long you need for cooking, then adjust temp for browning.