pizza rolls

have seen these in a lot of places just don’t know how to make them anybody willing to share?


We slap out our 12"dough(14 ounces) to an 18 inch diameter on a stainless table. Cut as you would a pizza into 8 slices. Each slice gets 5 slices of pepperoni and .75 ounces of provolone placed near the large end. Fold the two large corners over the cheese and pepperoni and roll up tightly. Spray alluminum foil with Pam, and place 4 rolls 1 inch apart on foil and run through oven. Upon exiting oven, brush lightly with garlic butter and top with parmesean/romono blend. Serve with pizza sauce for dipping. I sell $1500 per week of these.

Does this need fresh dough, or can it be a tired dough reclamation project? I can see it going either way.

I would think that a slightly blown out would be better for this.

I had one week after Katrina that was nuts. I took 4 large, black pans, infused oil brushed with olive oil on the bottom, clear bag covering and blew them out more at room temp for two hours. Popped them in the oven for about 10 minutes and wow, incredible, soft, light, flavorful. I used them in place of the syrian in salads I made from my smalls. A good thing and a bad thing because once I put them out there, the demand was there so I had to literally blow out a few a day. It’s funny how just a piece of bread can be spread out there via word of mouth.


I roll out a 6 ounce dough ball really flat, and try to make it as square as possible.

I put the “rows” of ranch and top each row with pepperoni and cheese. I then roll it up and pinch in between the rolls, to mark the area of the pepperoni. I brush it with passion (my garlic cheese butter recipe" and send it through. On the other side it is cut into the tree seperate peices and brushe with passion and sprinkled with parm.


As I wrote that I got a “We need pepperoni rolls made” yelled at me from across the kitchen, so I decided to snap some piks along the way.

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Sorry for the crude pictures, but you get the point eh?


I am quite happy to say the least with my trial tonight. MAN! I have felt like a doofus trying to get something to work for me as “pepperoni rolls”. The stretch-cut-roll method was perfection. Crisp outside, tender and spicy inside. I can see where blown dough could be ever more texturally interesting. I’ll try both fresh and blown tomorrow to see how it works out.

That is IF the newest water main break is repaired and functioning. Had to close at 7:30 due to no water in the shop again :shock: I’ll go in the morning and run dishes from tonight . . . ewwww :cry:

Paul, waht’s your price point on these, if I may ask. I am loving the trials I had and may put them on the menu soon. I think that right now I don’t have a good feel for how to work these into my prep schedule to be sure we have them ready to go and not stalling out the pizza line if someone orders some. I’ll also test the holding time for these in our warming cabinet and heat lamps.

I need to fiddle with par-baking, chilling and finishing to see if that can be done well with my dough. by the way, they are GREAT at room temperature as well.

We sell these $4.99 for an order of 4. I use our regular dough, not old dough as I remix that when needed. Our other stores prep these up ahead of time and keep them in the cooler. We prefer to make to order, with prepping a few orders up for the busiest rushes. If chilled completly, they cook up light, with brown splotches. As far as keeping them under a heat lamp after cooking, they do much better if served right away, as opposed to letting the provolone set up.

Cripies…me neither.

You can’t upload images here? Or am I just really dumb?? Or Both.

I experimented the other day, making the rolls from fresh dough…modified a few by adding salami or BBQ Chicken…was a big hit & pretty easy 2 do…may continue the experiment on Friday…adding fries & slaw to 3 rolls…

At the request of my wife, I made her one with ricotta and ground sirloin. Man that was awesome!