Pizza Rolls

How many of you serve pizza rolls? How do you prepare them?

I haven’t made pizza rolls for quite some time, but this is how I made them;
Use your regular pizza dough and sheet out very thin, cut into rectangles 3" X 5", position with the wide end closest to you, apply filling made by blending cheese, sausage, and veggies (all of your choosing) for pepperoni, I either chop it or use the ground stuff that looks like coarse saw dust. Put the filling along the wide side and roll like a jelly roll for only 1/2 turn, then fold the ends over to seal in the filling, and continue rolling. Pinch the seam to seal it and set aside, seam side down. When you have a full pan take to the freezer and freeze. Remove frozen rolls from the freezer and fry submurged at 375F until lightly browned, drain, and either refrigerate of freeze. These can be made wel ahead of time during any slack time. To recon, place onto a screen and bake as you do your regular pizzas. The pre-fry gives the crust a very crispy texture.
Tom Lehmann/The Dough Doctor

We do not yet serve them, but have some spectacular testing success with rolling out a 12" pizza dough into 12" circle. 6-cut the circle (6 pieces) and get fillings ready.with wide end toward, fill like Tom said . . . we use 1/2oz shredded cheese and 5 sliced pepperoni. Tuck the widest points over, and roll toward the point like a crescent roll. Let rise briefly for 15 minutes, then bake until lightly golden. Sky is the limit: ham and cheese is popular, tepanade, duxelle (minced mushroom paste), julienne apple with cinnamon, and even a pinch of mascapone with dark chocolate chips.

I like Tom’s idea to freeze or refrigerate and refresh. Just be sure to barely cook through so as not to dry out the dough and make them tough/chewy. I will try the par-fry and freeze thing tonight or tomorrow. We are desperately looking for a method to simplify or speed up the prep-to-order part of making these and fit them into our work flow.

I make 'em from time 2 time 4 the glass display we have…

Use a 16" crust, cut into 6…provolone seems 2 hold its shape best…then layer/stagger 3/3/2/1 pepperoni…tuck the corners in & roll up 2 the point…we proof a bit & bake on a silicone sheet pan, crown w/a garlic/parm/basil/oil mixture & sell 'em $3 ea…last for several hours, but have had zero luck par-baking/re-heating…