pizza sales info-urgent

Could you give me some info related to the online pizza ordering customer base, specially for pizza hut? I need to find out the ARPU for online pizza ordering in context of Pizza hut.


I can tell you that the vast majority of people I’ve seen posting do not follow PH, care about PH or have any inside information about PH. We are primarily smaller shops in direct competition with the Big Four.

Good luck with your research, though. Who knows, maybe someone can tell you something about it here after all.

lets get this straight (your word) you do not follow or care about one of your ‘direct competitors’??

I’m sure I recall your main competition was a PH - I would have thought you’d be interested in what they did?

I think you missed the intent of my message. We are most of us here on the boards direct competitors with some or all (or none in my case) who don’t have access to very much inside knowledge of what is very likely proprietary data.

You must be thinking of someone else . . . there isn’t a pizza hut within 30 miles of me . . . or a Dominoes, Little Ceasar’s, Pappa John’s or anyone else. My only direct pizza competition is a Hunt Brother’s setup ina convenience store. I do not follow the activity of the Big Four in large part because the are so incredibly different operations from mine and in different markets than I operate in. I look occasionally at large market trends and what the bigger corporate operations do . . . but they don’t live or work in my local world, so it doesn’t make so much difference.

Now, what others in the Think Tank whose operations are more congruous with the size and market that is my reality, I follow more closely.

It doesn’t matter if you’re in competition with another indy or one of the Big 4. In this marketplace you must ‘know thy enemy’. Since we’ve opened last August I can tell you I’ve had at least 8-9 ‘spies’ in here asking questions and ‘trying’ or pizza. It’s cool though, I do the same thing.


I work open to 8 or 9 on Fridays and Saturdays. Afterwards, I take the long way home and drive by my competitors, sometimes even parking to count deliveries. Well a couple of weeks ago on a Saturday we were really busy. I had worked 14 hours the Friday before and had started early that Saturday getting some extra doorhanging in. I was beat. So after taking a couple of late deliveries I headed home. I decided to stop in at the nearest PJ’s to see what they were up to. As I’m sitting in the parking lot counting deliveries, I notice that I’m quickly becoming the ‘watched’ and not the ‘watcher’. So I thought that they’re getting used to seeing my car and the gig might be up. When I get home, I get out of my car and here’s our CAR TOPPER STILL ON THE ROOF OF MY CAR ! I could have died.


Agreed. I just define “enemy” differently, it seems :slight_smile: I have different enemies than Pizza Hut and the other econo-delivery corporations . . . .for now. It could change in 3 years.

I can barely stop laughing to type. That is hilarious!

ROFL! I am at a loss for words…sorry!