pizza sauce pump

Can anyone tell me were to get a sauce pump for pumping pizza sauce threw a hose and over the top of pizzas, In my area alot of the old shops use this kind of pump with a foot switch or hand switch to turn on the pump. can any one tell me how they are doing it.

I thought I had seen everything… … photo.html

Food poisoning… no charge.

Holy Jeez! :shock:

Quite possibly one of the nastiest things I have seen in a while…

Hey, what do you want for 97 cents a slice? That’s real NY pizza there. Maybe this will answer the posts that question how NY pizza gets its authentic taste. :lol:

Theres also a nice big germ infested tip jar thats sitting right on top of the napkins, right next to the paper plates and toppings…

At least his fingers were below his upper lip if ya know what I mean :shock:

Do a google search on pizza sauce dispensers, you will find several.
here is one that looks expensive and slow

I seem to remember seeing one somewhere in a magazine or on line that had a hose coming out of a tank with a spatula like thing on the nozzle to aid in spreading sauce. That may be faster.


Yeah, I was actually going to go through to point out all of the terribly, terribly wrong things in this picture… Sort of a Where’s Waldo of sanitation no-no’s…

But then, I realized that it might be easier to try to point out the one or two things that AREN’T a violation! :lol:

Yeah, any bets on when the last time the plastic plumbing 90 they’re using for a tube “holster” was sterilized?


Yeah, I was actually going to go through to point out all of the terribly, terribly wrong things in this picture… Sort of a Where’s Waldo of sanitation no-no’s…


finally, something fun…

Whats so bad about using a spoodle to spread sauce? Its shocking to be that someone felt it neccesary to try to automate something that is so easy to do manually.

Just a quick list…

  1. Fingers in (or near) mouth
  2. No gloves
  3. No head gear to keep hair out of food (not looking for a hair-net… maybe just a hat, even?)
  4. Jewelery on left wrist
  5. Lance Armstrong plastic bracelet on right wrist
  6. Lack of any visible refrigeration
  7. Tip jar by food and napkins and plates
  8. Nasty “pump”
  9. Even nastier “holster”
  10. Water bottle by ingredients
  11. Open un-refrigerate “vat” of sauce
    …etc, etc…

Not to mention what appears to be an unsealed, or long ago sealed, wood prep suface…lots of neat little pores for the buggies to live in.

Hey, someone stole my digital camera and now my pictures are all over the internet!

:lol:… kiddin

Googling Mack’s Pizza in Wildwood (on the Boardwalk) came up with some interesting stuff.

Here’s a YouTube showing folks eating the pizza they sell. Don’t know why people love this style:

Apparently, people love their pizza. Lots of good reviews. Guess you have to grow up there to appreciate it.

Are there no health inspectors in that area?

George Mills

To my knowledge, gloves are not universally required (by local regulations) to be used when only cooked foods are served. Some (but not all) local regulations require the use of gloves for all food-handling.

In general, gloves are usually required to be used when unheated foods are handled and then served to customers (such as sandwiches and salads for example).

I agree that a ‘pizza sauce pump’ is overkill (pun intended :lol: ) in a pizza shop, and would have a high likelihood of incomplete or improper sanitization, that is not to say that it is impossible for a sauce pump to be used in such a way that it is safe and sanitary.

Given a choice, I too would choose a shop that ladles sauce over one that pumps it.

That is true, that typically only “ready-to-eat” foods require the food handlers to wear gloves. I guess I just made the assumption that one of the four guys that are handling food in this picture are giving the final product to the guest… Although, there is nothing to support that assumption. :wink:

I agree, it’s not impossible for such an apparatus to be used in a sanitary way… Just highly unlikely! :stuck_out_tongue:

However, to reiterate the obvious, I can’t imagine what advantage this type of device would have over an ordinary spoodle. :?

Ok, I confess I’ve been drinkin again… Now I’ve covered my butt… WHAT IS IT that they are eating in the video? Looks to me like a crust that failed to rise followed with something kinda red outa a hose (lol…) with a sprinkle of “cheese” (doubtfull) that they forgot to cook .??? I might not know much, but I know that is not pizza. Did they run out of toppings?
Tell me this isn’t what “New York” pizza is? If some “pizzeria” can actually survive selling that, and have people come back a second time, please tell me how?
If I was to try and give that away to my customers they would form a posse and lynch me for culinary assault. Can you imagine?? Food cost would be about, what… 4%. Zero concern about customer complaints as they obviously don’t care what they eat! Maybe I’m being to harsh. Maybe this is actually the holy grail of pizzaland. Decontent taken to the extreme. I need somebody to explain please…

That style of pizza has the sauce on the top & the cheese on the bottom. It happens along the Jersey shore , I don’t know why. These places do well over 7 figures in about 5+ months, selling mostly slices. Somebody likes the pizza, you should try it , you may like it.What