Pizza sauce recipe and adding garlic

I am looking for some ideas for the pizza sauce.

We add salt, sugar, dried mix herbs, garlic inour sauce.
Is anyone add fresh garlic in sauce. Or is it make the sauce for pizza and excrete water when cooked from the sauce.

Adding garlic, fresh or powdered to the sauce will result in the sauce thickening into tomato jelly. This is because the garlic, or onion acts as a catalyst causing the pectins in the tomato to gel. Since the sauce is now thicker we instinctively add more water to the sauce to thin it out again and it is that water which separates from the sauce due to syneresis upon standing which you are probably seeing. You have three viable options to address the problem;

  1. Don’t add any garlic or onion to the sauce.
  2. Add onion or garlic to the pizza but not in the sauce.
  3. Place the garlic/onion in a microwave safe container with a small quantity of oil or water and nuke/heat the the mixture to a temperature of 185 to 200F/85 to 93.3C, this will inactivate the enzymes responsible for causing the tomato pectins to gel, you can then include the garlic/onion in the sauce.
    Tom Lehmann/The Dough Doctor
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Great will stop adding garlic


We have used Granulated Garlic in our sauce since opening. Is this also recommended against, in the dry form? If so, any suggestions for flavor replacement.

I can’t say that it applies to all garlic/onion in the dry form but I’ve used a lot of different forms (powder, flakes and salt) as well as the same from different manufacturers and in all cases it caused the tomato pectin to gel. The best thing to do is to simply put it into a microwave safe container, like a small bowl, add some water or oil to the onion/garlic and heat it to 200F. You will need to use a thermometer if you use oil but if you use water this will be the temperature where you just begin to see some bubbles beginning to form prior to boiling. Then just add the heated suspension to the sauce and you’re good to go.
Tom Lehmann/The Dough Doctor

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Is garlic could be cooked on stove or only microwave

Either will work but the microwave is faster.