Pizza Sauce Recipes

I’m looking for some help on pizza sauce recipes. I’ve tried so many it’s not even funny. Looking for all details, like base, spices, etc… I’m looking for a smooth, maybe a hint of sweet and/or hint of hot. Anyway, I currently ordered some Escalon 6 in 1 for a base. The people on really rave about it and say alot of pizza joints use this for a base. I experimented with Hunts and other grocery store brands and they always had a weird taste to them, no matter what spices I used. I almost think the base is the biggestproblem. Any help would be much appreciated. Just a great pizzaria style. I would even settle for recipes from Sahara Pizza, Pizza Shoppe, Pizza Pipeline but not like the Pizza Huts and Dominos. Thanks!!

Are there any folks here that make your own sauce and use “High Fructose Corn Syrup”?..All those Pizza Hut commercials on TV got me curious and I was surprized how frequently this was used as an ingedient in fast food…I guess that is why my kids loved Pizza Hut pizza…

PS…There are some recipes in the “Recipe Bank”…

The reason the grocery store brands have a strange taste is they are reconstituted from concentrate. Go with a quality brand that has not been reconstituted.

Yup. Look for Fresh Packed, like your Escalon . . . ormy preferred brand, Stanislaus. I use an incredibly simple and somewhat light seasoning for the sauce so that it really highlights the tomato I use. I also encourage people to locate and use high quality, fresh as possible herbs and spices. Great tomtato products with dull, stale spice will lose every time.

2 cans Stanislaus 7-11 crushed pear tomatoes
2 cans Saporito Super Heavy Pizza Sauce with Basil
9 lbs of water (you can go to 11# for thinner sauce)
1.25 oz dried oregano
1.25 oz ground black pepper
1 oz granulated garlic

I suspect that you can sub Escalon equivelant products and get very similar results. I post the recipe freely and often to others as the key to my sauce is two-fold. 1st, I use somewhat expensive spices. 2nd, I now actually blend three different peppers for my black pepper amount. I started with the above, and would love it if I didn’t have knowledge of the other uncommon-to-rare peppercorn spices.

^^^^Thanks for the recipe. I was wondering, what brand of spices do you use?