pizza sauce (to cook or not cook)

Can you all tell me if you all cook your sauce?Or do you prepare the sauce and let it cook on the pizza or on the pasta in the oven. If you do cook the sauce are you doing this daily and keeping warmed or chilling it down and keep it in the prep table?

Hello Bistro,we cook our Marinara.But our pizza sauce doesn’t see heat till it goes in the oven w/ the pie.You must keep it refridgerated though till use.


Ask your health dept about heating and re-heating.

We make it cold and keep it that way until we use it.

I should clarify what I was asking. I’ve read several recipes that call for cooking the sauce. The reason was that the herbs didn’t get the full benefit of flavoring unless you did it this way. Then again I have read several different opinions on this. This is why I was asking what you all do for the sauce. I also read the opinion poll that is going on.
Thanks for the replies

one thing I can be pretty sure about:
do not cook the pizza sauce, it gets cooked enough on the pizza,

We dont cook our sauce but when my brother owned his store they had a recipe that needed to be cooked. I think it depends on what you are using in your sauce.