Pizza Sauce

Hi everyone,

I’m new to the boards and the Dough Doctor has been a big help. I’m looking for a pizza sauce recipe similar to Grimaldi’s or Lombardi’s. I will be using it on a pizza baked in a Coal oven. There is a Pizzeria here in Florida called Pizza Time in St. Augustine and I just love their product. As much as I tried to duplicate their sauce, I had no luck. Any help will be appreciated.


I have found with pizza sauce you need to start with quality tomato products. What are you using?

I’ve been experimenting with Alta Cucina and Full Red

Hi Sam, Welcome to the TT.

What is your background in pizza? Or in other words, what is your starting point?

As Daddio pointed out, ingredients are key. Stani products are a good place to start for sure but there are different products in that line. I am not familiar with the places you mention that you admire so I can’t help you there…

I would suggest that you get a few different tomato products to begin with and experiment. You will find very different flavor profiles when you go from crushed to big red to 7-11… then there are questions about what spicing to use. If you have pizza background you should have a pretty good idea where to begin.

Also, not knowing the places you mention I have no idea whether they lean toward sweet or savory… but if you are looking for one and making the other it will always taste wrong to you.

I would tell you to stay away from the Stanislaus product. We are based in California and almost every pizzeria around here uses them so I consider them to be way to generic. I would try looking at other products that aren’t the standard or popular maybe try looking at Italian tomatoes.

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i know the style pizza your talking about and i would bet they don’t use canned pre made sauce. Most those guys stew there own tomatoes and cook them down

Many people use them because they are awesome. That makes them the gold standard, not generic. You should research the work they do into making their tomatoes awesome, it’s amazing.

Have you talked to Stanislaus about what you are trying to achieve? They may be able to point you in the right direction as far as the base products and spices to use and get you in the ball park.

Using that logic and expanding it to another part of a pizza shop, don’t use XLT, Edge, or Middleby ovens because they are used in most shops and are too generic. o_O

Those are 2 totally different things and it’s just my opinions. Operations and ingredients are seperate. Operations doesn’t impart or change flavor in the pizza. My point was only to think outside the box.

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by that logic prime beef is generic because most if not all high end steak houses use it.

I actually have done research on their product and I personally don’t like their process and find their tomatoes too sour and acidic. There are a lot of tomatoes products out there that in my opinion are far better

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Taking my statement out of context again my preference and opinion which is what the op is asking for not asking for people to agree with me.

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