pizza sause very thin

i have just opened my first pizzeria, however im having trouble getting the consistency and thickness of my sauce right. i use a full red w/ basil sauce dilute it with water and add some pre made pizza seasonings. its seems every time i do this. it just thins out too much. does anyone have any recommendations on how to fix other methods i can use to get a consistent and flavorful sauce.
thx for the help

How are you mixing your sauce? Does it start out thick and then thin out? How long do you let it sit for after mixing, before use? What kind of ratio are you using? Do you measure or weigh your water?

My understanding is that Stanislaus Full Pizza Sauce with Basil is ready to season and use from the can. Are you sure you are starting with the product you wanted to use? Perhaps you were intending to start w a concentrated tomato base like Super Heavy/Concentrated Crushed?

Yes, to my understanding and experience, anything called “Pizza Sauce” by any company is intended as a RTU, no dilution needed. Adding your own seasoning is a good idea, because those are often fairly bland, but it also gives your sauce a unique character.

Cut out the water and see what happens.

I use a Bonta Extra Heavy Pizza Sauce with Basil and I add a good bit of water to dilute it to a consistency I find that works.

I am assuming that you are using a Stanislaus product from reading your post. The best advise I can give is to suggest you give them a call at (800) 327-7201. The staff there are great and really know the best answers to your question. By the way you always get to talk to a real person when you call.

we use Bonta extra heavy/thick pizza sauce with basil and we use 1 can of water per can of sauce, plus our spice mixture. Mix with drill & attachment, let sit in walkin up to 6 days, best used days 2-4.


Full Red Pizza Sauce with basil is what I use at my store and you need to add about a half can of water to it for the right consistency.

I use 2 Full Red Pizza Sauce and 1 can 7/11 plus 1 full can of water to make the right consistency

wow thank you everyone for your advice. i completely forgot i posted this. since i posted the original question i have tried and re tired many different techniques. first i tried full red w/ basil add water full can and seasoning. it was very very diluted. so i then tried sapritos extra heavy w/ basil also equal parts water and i handfull of premix Italian seasoning my vendor sells. this one worked well i dicided to add some oilive oil in the beginning to it. sauce was good but its not hitting the quality i want. well what i want is really good precise sauce recipe i can replicate everytime. im open to all ideas please help me find a winner.