pizza schools

Does anyone know of any pizza schools? I would like to be a great pizza chef and would like to make fantastic pizza. Where can I go to school to be a pizza genius one day. I would like to master new york style pizza, chicago style pizza, deep dish etc. I would like to make the best pizza one day and be on t.v.

Go to work for your favorite pizza places. Then take the pizza they serve and tweek it to make it your own awesome creation. If you have a great personallity some day we could be watching you on tv.

And, to gain the knowledge needed to steer those tweeks, consider coming to our next Practical Pizza Production course. We cover all of the pizzas you mentioned and a few more in the course. Plus, you will learn how to make formulation and procedural changes to any given formula to give you the finished product characteristics you’re looking for. Look at the posting below on the Manhattan pizza course. If you would like to get a copy of this years course agenda, pleaes e-mail me at The course is held during either the second or third week of October, and we give it only once a year.
Tom Lehmann/The Dough Doctor