Pizza Screens Sticking

Every time we buy new pizza screens the dough sticks to them when baking, so badly we lose the pizza.

What is a good method of preventing this until they are used enough times to stop this from happening?

Spray them with pan coating or oil and bake them. (Don’t wash them)

You will want to do this early or after close cuz it stinks.

I “season” my new screens by spraying them pretty heavily with pan spray and running them through my conveyor oven three times. I then give a light spray and run them through three more times. The spray is then burned on and no problems with pizzas sticking.

New screens have to be seasoned before they can be used. Failure to do so will result in the pizzas sticking (a bit of an understatement) to the screens.
To season the screens, set your oven temperature at 425F, wipe the screens with oil and pass them through the oven for about 10-minutes. DO NOT WASH THE SEASONED SCREENS as this will cause the seasoning to begin lifting off of the screens like a bad sunburn. Then you will need to strip the screens and start all over again. After the screens are seasoned, they will have a slight amber color. This will darken to near black with continued use. This is perfectly normal. You might want to very lightly oil the screens the first time you use them after seasoning, but after that, you don’t need to oil them again.
Tom Lehmann/The Dough Doctor

Thanks to everyone for the responses. Quick question, can I stack them through the conveyor oven? If it’s a 10 min cycle I would want to stack them 5-10 high

Our pizza place has been open for 18 months and sales are great. Have an order from a major local company for 100 pizzas wednesday so that’s why we need to ‘season’ a bunch more screens

They do much better if they are not stacked. Anywhere that they are covered by another screen, they will not dry on the rim and the oil will just rub off. Plus ten screens at once will smoke your store up pretty good.

We have not had good experiences when we tried stacking them for seasoning. The problem is where the screens come into contact with each other the seasoning doesn’t cure, or if you do leave them in the oven long enough to cure where they touch, they end up sticking and you get spots with poor seasoning. an order for 100 pizzas shouldn’t need any more than 20, or so screens.
Tom Lehmann/The Dough Doctor

I used to “clean” mine every couple of months by running them through to oven to burn off any stuck dough and whatnot. Part of the fun was to see just how bad i could haze the place over (after close that is). :smiley: (not recommended if you have fire alarms!)