Pizza seasons

What would you say are the high and low seasons in pizza? Is there really any full season that does poorly? Or just certain days that are better than others, or worse than others?

Down here in Arizona I have been slower in the summer time due to our ability to bake a pizza on the sidewalk anytime between about eleven in the morning and about six in the afternoon! I would think your times are a bit different than that, but I bet things pick up when there is a new episode of Corner Gas on!

Weather more than seasons determine how busy it is. If it is too hot to cook order pizza. If it is too cold to drive to the grocery store order pizza. If the BBQ got rained out order pizzza. I think you catch the direction this is going.

Another factor is sports playoff games. I did major sales during hockey playoffs, the Grey Cup, the Super Bowl, etc.

July, Aug, Sept are my worst months. Oct starts to pick things up. Nov a little better. Dec a little better than Nov. Jan beter than Dec…Until July comes around again.

My slowest month is usually September the first two weeks are what bring us down but every year I have always beat the same month from the year before. I think it is important to track that so you can see what your overall growth is. As far as busy days Fri and Sat are the best days monday is the slowest.

nother factor is sports playoff games. I did major sales during hockey playoffs

They still play Hockey?

I hate to say it but I don’t think they play hockey either! I think they have elevated it to an art!