pizza sell

Hi my name is James I am from North Carolina. I am a black man in San Antonio. I work for a marketing company that sells pizza. I have never done anything like this before I have sold magazine subscriptions door to door and I like outside sales. The company that I am working for has taught me a lot about the pizza business, b to b sales, the art of selling,
What I want to know is, are there pizzerias in other parts of the country that sell like this, I usually sell thirty to forty pizzas in a day I go to bars the malls hospitals law offices any where there are people. I work off commission and tips and I have seem to reached my peak however I know I can sell more because I have heard of other extra sellers selling sixty to one hundred pizzas in a day. I just want to know how other people sell their pizzas any ideas on how to sell more pizzas faster would help.

Find mom’s at sports centres. While they are watching swimming lessons, skating lessons. On the soccer field etc. I dont know if that would work for you or not. As well as going to churches, talk to the pastor might not sell that moment, but your setting yourself up for sales at a later date. Give them your phone number, etc. How about, ummmm…talking to secretaries at businesses. give her your card. again, might not make an immediate sale, but if you just walked in the door, gave her a free small pizza and a small stack of menu’s you might get residual sales.
Just a few ideas, might get you thinking in some different areas. The goal here is not just to sell that pizza that minute, but have sales coming in with no work other than developing relationships and maintaining them on a regular basis. That im sure is how people are getting 100 pizza’s in a day, im sure lots of those sales are coming to him through relationships with customers he has developed in the past.

Have a set schedule when selling to the industrial businesses. Make it so every tuesday and friday at 11: 45AM you will be at xyz company ect ect. This way as long as you are always prompt and there on expected days they won’t make other plans for lunch. If you just pop in sporadically they will probably already have plans for lunch. You’ll also get to know what eveyone likes and you can stock these before leaving the store.

First off why does it matter what color you are?
Secondly I would work with the sporting events that if thye promote your pizzas during the game, you will give them theirs for free or maybe half off.Should increase business alot.

The problem with that is if they dont promote you well enough they still want your pizzas you promised them so a better idea is to tell them they will get $$$ from every sale you do. This will create a reason for them to help you sell, the more you sell the more they get.