Pizza Shifts During Delivery

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The biggest complaint I have been getting lately has been my pizza shifts during delivery and it ends up in a pile on one side of the box. I obviously try to teach my staff to use caution while carrying the delivery bags and to drive cautiously, but to no avail. Does anyone know of or use any products that help with this problem? Mostly happens with my cracker/thin crust, not as much with hand tossed.


Easiest way to solve this problem is to not cut all the way thru the crust on thin crust/cracker pizza’s. That is the only way to keep the pizza from shifting.

But your drivers should not be tossing the bags around either. To me this sounds like a problem on both sides.

Do you have top handles on your delivery bags? I used to have this problem until I cut all the handles off my bags which forced the drivers to carry the bags from the sides and the bottom. After I did this problem solved

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What Harley8936 said!

Also take a look at the complaints and see if they are all associated with one driver. We recently went through a period where we had several of these complaints, at least one a week, including a customer posting photos on Facebook calling us out for it. It always seemed to be the same driver. I noticed he always carried the pizza bags by the straps (we use pizza jackets from bag solutions) and he appeared to be a little careless with them as if he were carrying laundry or something,. I addressed this with him, and ending up firing him a short time later for other reasons that we shall not discuss. Since he has been gone the problem has not occurred.
I have not actually cut off the straps, but I advise the drivers to treat them as if they were carrying a sack of eggs or something else fragile. The straps do make it much easier to deal with 2 or 3 bag orders.

Awhile back I cut the straps off all of our sheet pizza bags because we had this happen on a very large pizza order. I have since regretted this because it does make it much more difficult to deliver large orders without the straps. In that case, it was actually a wax liner in the bottom of the box that caused them to slide around.