Pizza Shop in Walmart?

I am sure most of you heard it already. They are going to open Papa Bella pizzas in the Walmart stores. They serve dine-in, pick-up, take-n-bake plus delivery. They are eagerly looking for a franchisees

I am kind of interested but seeing Pizza hut and other food franchises don’t do well in Target stores that makes me wonder.

Also operation sounds too much headache for doing all that, dine-in, delivery, take n bake…….
I was hoping that they would just have take n bake, fast &fresh & low price right front of the customers, just like Papa-Murphys or Nick n Will… where only 2 person can handle without much headache.
Or just like Little Ceaser, hot and ready would be good.
After all why would I want that if I am already delivering and keeping all the headaches?

What is your idea?

Can it be successful?

Delivery must be horrid. They’re located in the front of the store, so shoving pizza out the back door isn’t an option (which would be my preference). I think delivering from there is a HORRIBLE idea.

McDonalds does well in Wal-Mart. The Pizza Hut/Target combo as well as the old Little Caesars/K-Mart combo just don’t work as well because of the lack of customers. The additional traffic in a Wal-Mart should help sales considerably. However, as soon as a pedestrian is hit by a pizza driver, I suspect the delivery will go away. IMHO, Wal-Mart parking lots aren’t safe to walk in as it is (too many people, bad drivers).

I’m not against the idea, but I’d want something in the franchise agreement stating that any material changes (such as dropping delivery) or getting high rent raises, etc would be grounds for termination of the franchise relationship.

I do dine-in, take out, & take-n-bake. I think delivery would be a NIGHTMARE! Just my opinion. But doing baked and take-n-bake is a snap. Dont worry about that part. See if you can get out of the delivery thing. That is my opinion. I think you would sell alot of take-n-bakes, not so much baked because of the traffic, that would be great! Especially if you had some grab and go ones people could just well, grab and go, lol. I do not do grab and go. Our market is more upscale, they want it made fresh etc.
There is my 2 cents.

LC tried going into K-Marts years ago and it was a disaster.

I would never consider being a franchisee inside a Walmart.

The McD’s here inside SuperWalmarts do terrible business.


I own a franchise that was approved for Wal mart. They only wanted a bank, a sub place and our pizza place. Well, they want an agreement with the franchisor, not me. They also charge rent as a percent of sales. They do not allow gas inside the store, only electric. They will supply all utilities for $900. We were allowed to advertise any where in the store, including the registers, just could not advertise take n bakes, if we decided to try this part of pizza. We were allowed to deliver out of the store. We were required to be open a minimum of 12 hours and could not close on any day that they were open.
After much discussion and research, we came to the conclusion that this was not a profitable venture for us. We had a Blimpies that was not successful and a Mc Donalds that closed. You know, if McD can’t make it in a Wal mart with $1 burgers, what makes us think that we can to.
Of course, localities are going to be different everywhere, but with the incremental rent charges and the Wal mart grip on you, I feel that I have enough to worry about as it is.
In the beginning, it was a wonderful idea but after looking deeper into the contract and using good ol horse sense, it just wouldn’t crank my tractor.

Wow… rent as a percentage of sales is quite fair considering that they are driving the business to you. I don’t care that they don’t allow gas if they’re supplying the utilities. I’d submit that $900 a month for utilities on electric ovens is CHEAP.

I understand the concerns about other franchises having shut down. It depends on the location and what you’re selling. McDonalds in the ones here seem to stay reasonably busy. What I don’t quite understand is that if I go into Costco, their snack bar is almost always full. Why does Costco have such demand but Wally World doesn’t? It doesn’t make sense to me.

Costco is very successful with their pizza program. They are properly equipped with triple deck XLT 3270 gas fired ovens and can produce large volumes of pizza.If those ovens are not in your local Costco they have just not gotten to switching that unit. They do take and bake but no delivery.

George G Mills

I can attest to that. The Costco I go to is selling pizza hard all day. There are folks picking up ten pies at a time for parties. Basic generic pie. I think it is 18" for $10. Pepperoni, Cheese, or “Deluxe”.