Pizza Shop Name Help

Hi everyone,

I am from India and we need help in selection of a suitable name for a pizza shop we plan to open in near future.

I will share a brief about the concept. It will be a small shop with a sitting of around 15 and live kitchen. The menu will include Pizzas, Pastas, Lasagna, quesadilla, Cal-zones, Grilled sandwich, Brownies with ice-cream and soft drinks. However Pizzas plan to be the main item and other items are there to add variety and range to the menu. For the same we have already placed an order for BakePartner’s PizzaMaster double deck oven. I have opted for the high/Xtreme temperature version in both decks which means heat can be cranked upto 500°C/932°F, though we plan to bake at around 400°C. 2 kinds of Pizzas would be on the menu

1.New York/Neapolitan hybrid &
2.Thin crust

The ambience would be of a casual/fast food dining. The kind you would normally see in a subway shops. To attract small kids we would stock comic strips - Archies, Tintin, Asterix etc.

I hope I have been able to share enough to visualize the concept. We have been trying to search for a suitable brand name for almost a fortnight now and have had little success. I do not want to name by location since we might consider re-locating later. Unfortunately “Indian” family members/owners names like (Rajeev Juneja - my name) do not go along as well as say Ray’s or Tony’s. We would want name to indicate of what we sell ie pizzas, not difficult to pronounce and something which can be noted down easily over phone. The names considered till now are as follows

  1. PizzaKraft … the K over C was on purpose to make name more catchy. good part is that .com domain name was available so have grabbed it for now
  2. Claystone Pizza … brands stone fired pizzas
  3. fredstone pizzas … derived from “Fresh Dough Stone”
  4. Fredos Pizzas … same as in point 3
  5. WikiPizza … sounded like wikipedia but I feel is too cheezy
  6. Bakestone
  7. Pizza experts … too generic and then we already have a pizzeria chain here by name Pizza Express which is similar sounding
  8. Pizza Story
  9. PatioPizza

PizzaKraft is the only one which has somewhat caught my fancy. But my wife is not too happy with it and feels there could be a better name. Kindly pitch in with suggestions. Thanks in advance

Where are you to be located?

932 Degrees or 932 Pizza (with the degree mark)

Both from the oven but I like both…

You’re right, an Indian name for a pizza joint would never catch on … now if you decide to open a RAJ’S NAAN BAKERY, that’s a different story. I love naming businesses, so here’s my take of your situation. Pizza is popularly regarded as an Italian wonderment, so maybe try to work something Italian into the name. The “Godfather” movie is an American classic known to almost everyone as a story about an Italian family (even Godfather Pizza chose the movie name as theirs), so maybe chose the first name of one of the characters, and then couple it with something that sounds warm and friendly, like “Uncle”). So maybe something like Uncle Vito’s Pizza or Uncle Carmine’s Pizza would do the trick. Your customers are obviously going to recognize that the owners aren’t Italian, so make up a funny little story to tell them how the name came about (because they will ask) … something like " … well, against the family’s wishes my aunt married this Italian guy … but he had this killer pizza recipe", but be sure to laugh at the conclusion.

Whatever name you select, be sure to make a great pie, because that will bring more customers back than a great name. Good luck.

@George as my avtaar indicates I am located in India and we plan to open the shop in Gurgaon which is one of well-to-d0 cities in India
@Debby Edraos . Thank you for your suggestion. I was trying to explain to my wife that just as “miles” is more popular than “Kms” outside India, similarly Farenhiet is more used than Celsius. And it struck me that “MileStone” or something like “932 MileStone” could also be a nice name :). What do you say.
@Piedad. Thank you and you are right in your observations. Indian names generally do not go along well with Pizzas. However in another forum where I have posted same query a member has suggested Nirvana which does sound sweet and nice. Your suggestions have though been useful and yes I do certainly agree that it is of prime importance to have a great pizza. Ultimately that is what is going to count. Thank you again

edit: does any of the names suggested in my first post carry any weight.
Looking for more Ideas dear members :rolleyes:.

Well, if you are in India- nuances, customs, etc might make this a bit more difficult.
Having said that- I did kind of like the 932 MileStone. Though the “Mile” part confused me as I was thinking MILLstone.
No matter- your thought about perhaps combining the names is a good one.
Regarding your original list- some certainly seemed good.
Did not care for #3 but only because it made me think of Fred Flintstone!
#4 has an Italian vibe.
Wiki… meh. That doesn’t sound tasty…?
#6… not too bad. BakeStone has some words that I like.
#7 is too generic, you are correct
#8 isn’t bad but i think that name needs to have and be a story, if that makes any sense…? Almost as if you need to be able to tell the story… you know?
And, you have a story… we are talking about it. The naming is the story, the endeavor of opening a pizza place… that’s the story!
Patio isn’t bad but you better… have one!

Thank you very much @Debby Edraos

FYI - linkback to same discussion going on in pizzamaking forum:

Kindly drop in with more suggestions. Thank you everyone for taking out there valuable time.

Please keep more suggestions flowing in :slight_smile:

Jeevs Pizza. Play on your first name. Not sure if the j is silent in your name but you would pronounce it in the pizza name.

@Rico - Nice thought Rico. Which do you feel can be better JUNUS (play on surname) or JEEVS.

Also how is 932 degrees

Thank you for your input

Junus or Jeevs is good. One thing to consider is a logo of some kind. You could use either one with some fancy lettering that would make a great symbol of your restaurant. Plus, it makes the place more personable if you are using your name in some way. I did not do it my first time around, but I have since then. Good luck with your new endeavor.

I like Jeevs I think it flows better. The only problem I have with 932 degrees is that you stated you won’t be cooking with that high of a temp. Maybe use the temp you’ll be cooking at this way when someone asks, you can explain that it’s the temp you cook the pizzas at instead of it’s how hot your oven can get. So at 400 Celsius would be 752. Then you could also combine the two and call it Jeevs 752° Pizza. I like to keep things simple so I would lean towards Jeevs Pizza.

Here’s some pizza cartoon art if you want to incorporate some into a logo.

Namaste Pizza

Nanda Devi Pizza

How is this for name and logo.:frowning:

Back in the day, if you wanted good food, we always stop at a place called “EAT”

Simple name that says it all …Perfect Pizza. :slight_smile:

bet that domain will hard to get…

Yep Looks like it’s taken but perfect-pizza is not